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Zinda Educational and Healthcare Consultancy

Zinda education and healthcare consultancy is headquartered in Thanjavur, in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.We provide consultancy both in education and healthcare sector. In education sector we cater to the needs of students who wish to become doctors by providing information about the opportunities available in foreign countries to study medical course, helping them in getting admission in the college and taking care of their needs till they complete their studies.In healthcare sector we arrange home visit of medical professionals to attend the patients who request medical attention.

Our Director
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Dr.Niyas Rahman M.D

Dr. Niyas Rahman, Director of Zinda educational and healthcare consultancy, did his medical education in Rostov State Medical University, Russia. After completing his studies in Russia he came back to India and worked in various hospitals in Delhi, Coimbatore and Thanjavur. After realizing his childhood dream of becoming a Doctor, he felt the need for helping other students who also want to become doctors but are unable to pursue medical education in India due to limited number of seats available in India and very high fee structure and hefty donation. As a result of stiff competition and unreasonable fees for medical education in India, many students are unable to study medicine. To help those students to realize their dream of becoming a Doctor and make a happy career within their budget, our director established this consultancy. As a medical professional, he believes service to the society, be it in healthcare or education, is more important than any materialistic gains in life. He is presently in Rostov doing post-graduation in neuro surgery and doing medical practice .