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Medical Education in Russia

Russia is one of the leading nations in the fields of science, technology and medicine. Russian medical universities have produced geniuses like Ivan Pavlov and Ilya Mechnikov who won Nobel prizes for research in medicine. Russian medical universities are state owned. So the fee is nominal and affordable. All medical universities in Russia offer 6 Year General Medical Course(MBBS)which includes 3 years of clinical training. Many universities offer English medium education for foreign students. Medical degrees awarded by Russian medical colleges are recognized by World Health Organization(WHO), UNESCO, ECFMG, General Medical Council(GMC) of European countries, hence recognized all over the world. Thousands of students from Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia join Russian medical universities every year to fulfill their dream of attaining global medical education.In Russian medical universities there is no entrance exam. Students who have completed school education with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their countries can join directly in Russian universities. No Donation has to be paid.

Tution fee starts from 3500USD{per year fee}. For specific college details please contact us. Hostel fee is usually around 250 - 500USD per year. Medical Insurance Fee is 150 USD per year.

Course Duration
General Medicine(MBBS) 6 Years
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Rostov state medical university
rostov STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, rostov-on-don

Rostov-on-Don lies 1000KM south of Moscow on the bank of river Don. It has an international airport, railway junction and international river port. One of the biggest cities in Russia, it is an important educational and industrial center of Russia. Rostov state medical university was established in 1930. It consists of 20 clinics and 13 medical-diagnostic sub divisions. Clinics are manned by 353 Physicians, out of which 52 are Ph.D holders. University faculty is 600 strong with 350 of them being Ph.D holders. Foreign students are trained in this university since 1961. It is recognized by MCI, WHO, ECFMG, EU and all over the world.

Zinda Consultancy is the only official representative for Asia region for the English medium General Medical Course conducted by Rostov state medical university. Admission period is from june to october 31 every year.

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First Moscow state medical university
First moscow STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY named after I.M. Sechenov , Moscow

First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest medical institution in Russia, established in 1758. It is considered as one of the top 3 medical universities in the world. At present more than 2500 faculty members at 8 faculties comprising 150 chairs in 14 specialties impart training to more than 14000 students in this university.The University owns 69 educational venues, 19 hospitals, 7 research institutes and 5 R&D units, more than 30 laboratories, the biggest medical library in Europe, botanic garden, and many other facilities, ensuring excellence in research and innovation.

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Astrakhan State Medical University

Astrakhan is located in the southern part of European Russia where east meets the west. One can reach this city by plane, train, road or boat. It is much warmer than other Russian cities with very mild winter.Astrakhan state medical university was established in 1918. It has 11 faculties and 70 chairs.More than 600 foreign students from Asia, Africa and Europe study here at present. After successfully completing the course students are given Degree in general medicine which is recognized all over the world. Besides,Upon request the graduate gets an additional document "European Appendix", which allows its holder to get its equivalence in any of 47 European and other countries signatories to the "Bologna Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education" and to further education or apply for a prestigious job in these countries without any additional exams.The university is ISO 9001:2008 certified and confirmed in 2014.It has 5 hostels, libraries, sports halls and recreational club for foreign students.

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Saratov State Medical University

Saratov is located around 500KM south of Moscow on the bank of river Volga. It has international airport, major railway and bus junction. It is the capital of Saratov state. Saratov State Medical University was founded in 1909. 100 years later it is one of the leading medical institutes in Europe. Now more than 6500 students from 50 different countries are studying at the university. It has 6 faculties and around 1000 medical professors as it's faculty. Being one of the oldest medical universities in Russia, it has trained thousands of medical professionals in it's 100 year long journey. Foreign students were admitted from 1991. First batch of foreign students were Indians. Now apart from students from India, students from many countries train here as medical doctors.

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Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy
nizhny novgorod STATE MEDICAL academy, nizhny novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is situated 400KM east of Moscow.It is 5th largest city in Russia. There are more than 600 unique historic, architectural and cultural monuments in the city and it's on the list of 100 cities worldwide that are most valuable in terms of history and culture. It is an important IT, industrial and educational center of Russia. It is connected by international airport and railway junction. The university was founded in 1920. Clinics affiliated to this university are one of the biggest in the world. Students gain complete theoretical knowledge due to free access to the study literature and international information resources,such as the data base of Oxford publishing house. During the period of studies students can participate in international scientific seminars and academic exchange programs conducted in English. More than 600 international students from Asia, Africa and Latin-America are presently studying here out of 2500 total students. Since 1992 foreign students are studying here. In 1998 English medium education was introduced.

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Tambov state university medical faculty
Tambov state university medical faculty, Tambov

Tambov medical college is part of Tambov state university which is more than 150 years old. It lies 400KM south-east of Moscow. Tambov state is one of the beautiful places in Russia. It is one of the biggest universities in the world with more than 15000 students studying currently in it's various educational branches. It can be rightly called as a city of education in Russia.The University has international cooperation with more than 100 educational and scientific establishments from Germany, Italy, USA, China and other countries of Europe, Asia and South America. All the clinics under this university are equipped with state-of-the-art medical instruments. The city has international airport and major railway junction which connects many European cities.

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I.I Mechnikov state medical university
North-western STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY named after I.I. Mechnikov, St.petersburg

North-western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov was formed in 2011, as a result of merger of two oldest educational medical institutions in Russia - Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies and Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov, both of which are century-old institutions. At present 4,500 students are studying at the University, among them are 800 students from foreign countries. Up to 35 000 specialists undergo their short- and long- term post-doctoral training annually. Diagnostic and clinical work at Mechnikov University is managed in 6 own clinics, which have the capacity of 1645 beds and include 25 clinical specializations. Clinical subdivisions of the University provide highly-skilled medical help to 40000 patients at hospital and about 300000 outpatients yearly. There is University education training, training in the programs of higher education, as well as post-graduate training of doctors. University has 112 departments, which are consolidated in 9 faculties: Faculty of general medicine (consists of 24 departments), medical-prophylactic Faculty (consists of 29 departments), the surgical Faculty (consists of 13 departments), therapeutic faculty (consists of 15 departments), the pediatric Faculty (consists of 10 departments), medical - biological Faculty (consists of 10 departments), the Faculty of foreign students, the Faculty of education for nurses, health care and social work (consists of 5 departments), dentistry faculty (consists of 6 departments). This university trains students only in Russian Medium.

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Kursk state medical university

Kursk city is the capital of Kursk state situated in the European part of Russia, some 500KM from Moscow. It is an important industrial and educational center in Russia.Kursk city is modern and vibrant with an international airport and a major railway junction.Kursk medical university was established in 1935.It is the first medical university in Russia to offer English medium education. It is one of the largest medical universities in Europe.The university has 14 faculties and 67 departments.The University provides training in many specialties such as General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medico-Prevention Management, Stomatology, Pharmacy (full-time and correspondence course), Clinical Psychology (full-time training), Nursing (full-time and correspondence training).The university has 633 faculty members which includes 333 Ph.D and 92 D.Sc degree holders. Library consists of more than 5,00,000 journals and books.Students can also engage in recreational activities in many sports halls and shooting ranges under the control of university.At present more than 2200 students from 37 countries, including 500 students from India are studying at Kursk state medical university.

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chechen state medical university
chechen state medical university, grozny

The medicine course at Chechen state university aims to provide leadership in healthcare with particular emphasis on the basic science research that underpins the medicine. It is a full-time course and allows you to study Medicine and Pediatrics, there is also a licence for preparation specialists in Dentistry. Inspirational teaching and training, outstanding basic and clinical research will improve medical practice for individuals and as well as for population.The medical institute is located on new Chechen state university campus (street Sheripova, 32). Clinical departments of institute are situated on the basis of medical prophylactic institutions in Grozny 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th City Clinical Hospital, Republican Emergency Hospital in the name of U. Khanbieva, Republican Clinical Hospital on behalf of Ependieva, 2nd Maternity Hospital, Mother and Child Center in the name of A. Kadyrova, Republican TB Dispensary, 2nd Children’s Clinical Hospital, Mental Hospital, Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary, and Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital.

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dagestan state medical university
dagestan state medical university, Makhachkala

In 1932 the Council of People’s Commissars adopted a historic resolution of Dagestan State Medical Institute foundation in order to prepare the medical staff for Dagestan itself and other North Caucasus republics.At DSMU there a highly qualified teaching staff has been formed, which is characterized by high professionalism and dedication to their profession. It supports and develops the traditions established by the university old-stagers. There are 706 teachers working at the university, including 66 Professors, 179 Associate Professors, 418 Candidates of MedicalSciences, and 116Doctors of Medical Sciences.Currently, more than 5,000 students study at the university, among them there are more than 100 foreign students from 12 countries. Over 1,700 doctors annually improve their skills at the Faculty of Advanced Medical.

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north ossetia state medical university
north ossetia state medical university, vladikavkaz

North Ossetia State Medical Academy is the center of higher medical and pharmaceutical education in Vladikavkaz region of Noth Ossetia. Every year North Ossetian State Medical Academy trains more than 3000 students. North Ossetia State Medical Academy was established in 1939 in the Vladikavkaz city (formerly known Ordzhonikidze) as North Ossetia Medical Institute. In 1942 the medical institute was moved to Yerevan city due to World War II and in 1943 the institute was transferred back to Vladikavkaz. In 1974 North Ossetia Medical Institute opened the faculty of pediatrics. 1988 North Ossetia Medical Institute introduced the faculty of advance medicine. In 1993 North Ossetia Medical Institute organized the dental faculty. In 1995 North Ossetia Medical Institute received the status of medical academy. Over the past decade North Ossetia State Medical Academy staff has received more than 66 patents, registered more than 100 innovations and published 3220 scientific papers. Today North Ossetia State Medical Academy has 7 faculties, 39 departments with 470 doctoros and professors, private clinics, Central Research Laboratory, psychological and educational services, centers of practical training and testing, a modern library with electronic reading room and 21 computer classes. Till now 14300 students has been tained in North Ossetia State Medical Academy

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kabardino-balkaria state medical university
kabardino-balkaria state medical university, nalchik

On September 1st, 1966 100 young men and women have started systematic studies at the Medical Faculty. Medical faculty currently consists of 17 faculties, 3 of which are medical and biological profile (normal and pathological anatomy, normal and pathological physiology, microbiology to pharmacology) and 14 clinical departments (3 therapeutic 3 surgical, children’s diseases, obstetrics and gynecology; infectious diseases with the course of dermatology, psychiatry, neurology and addiction, general practice, gerontology, public health and public health).

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bashkir state medical university
bashkir state medical university, ufa

Bashkir State Medical University, established in 1932, is one of the leading medical universities in the Russian Federation and the center of medical and pharmaceutical sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan. At first, there was only one faculty – Faculty of General Medicine. In 1961 Faculty of Pediatrics was created, in 1970 – Faculty of Preventive Medicine (later renamed to Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Microbiology), in 1976 – Faculty of Dentistry, in 1981 – Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2010 Ufa Medical College became a part of BSMU. There are over 8000 medical students, including more than 850 foreign students from 40 countries, about 1000 clinical residences and PhD programs and 7000 postgraduate professional trainings in our University. BSMU also includes the medical college, which offers vocational secondary education in specialties of Nursing and Prosthetic Dentistry. University has the United Center of Simulation-Based Training, equipped with state-of-art simulators, where students, clinical residents and physicians of BSMU can enhance their practical skills in neonatology, anesthesiology, resuscitation, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopy, neurosurgery. Since 2016 there is the Center in BSMU for primary accreditation of doctors and pharmacists. BSMU is a large scientific center, where basic and applied research is carried out. Scientific infrastructure of BSMU includes Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, Laboratory of Experimental Surgery, Vivarium, Scientific Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Scientific Research Institute of Oncology. BSMU Scientific library stores about 527 000 items and it is one of the best medical libraries in Russia. Bashkir State Medical University cooperates with RUSNANO’s PET Center in Ufa, training specialists in the field of nuclear medicine.

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tver state medical university
tver state medical university, tver

The history of the Tver State Medical Academy opens up in 1902 when courses for dental students were arranged.n 1986 the Institute was awarded the prestigious Nations Friendship National Award for outstanding contribution to international education, collaboration and development. In 1994 after renaming of Kalinin to Tver, the Institute was also renamed and got the status of the AcademyThe Faculty of General Medicine was founded in 1954. It is the biggest faculty of the Academy and consists of 45 theoretical and clinical departments located in the main building of the Academy and 10 teaching hospitals.The total number of student at the Faculty is more than 2000, including 1000 foreign students. The duration of studies is 6 years.

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Osh State Medical University
OSH STATE MEDICAL university, kyrgystan

Kyrgystan,an ex-soviet republic, is one of the most beautiful nations in the world. Capital of Kyrgystan is Bishkek. Osh city is in the southern part of Kyrgystan, some 600KM from capital Bishkek in the fergana valley. Osh is the second largest city in kyrgystan. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and lakes Osh city is a natural wonder. Osh State Medical University is training foreign students since 1993. At present more than 1000 students from around 20 countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom and Maldives study here apart from local students.Hundreds of Indian students who had studied here are successfully practising all over India. Equipped with all the latest technology and more than 30 hospitals under it, Osh medical university offers high standard of education at very low fee.It's a place for quality education and for leading a heavenly life in one of the most scenic places on earth.

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Donetsk State Medical University
Donetsk STATE MEDICAL university, ukraine

Ukraine, a former soviet republic, is now an independent nation planning to be a part of European union. It is in Europe. Kiev is the capital. Ukraine is blessed by nature. It has some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Donetsk state medical university was established in 1930. It is Ukraine's No.1 ranked medical university. It is one of the largest medical universities in Europe. Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute) was the first medical university in Ukraine and in eastern Europe that started the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry in English language for foreign students. More than 82,000 experts including over 8,000 students from 96 foreign countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and America have graduated from the University since the year of its establishment (1930) and became well-known researchers, scientists, health service workers, doctors and professors in Ukraine and overseas. The Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute) provides its students with accommodation and study facilities. The students' campus has 13 study buildings equipped with 57 computer classes and libraries, 9 hostels with reading halls and sports rooms, health center for preventive care, stadium, sports and health service complexes, and summer camping.

NOTE: Donetsk State Medical University has completely shifted from Donetsk city to Kirovohrad city campus in connection with recent developments in Donetsk. Kirovohrad city is close to capital Kiev and is not affected by the incidents in Donetsk. It is completely safe, secure and peaceful as it is thousands of Kilometers away from conflict zone and much close to the capital city. University and hostel are fully protected by special guards. As of now more than 1000 foreign students are studying in this university without any issue. All facilities including labs,clinics and hostels are fully functional in Kirovohrad campus. It has recently opened its new $ 30 million university clinic containing almost all latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipments and it`s probably one of the best clinics in Europe.